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in the heart of the silicon police call it a first in the bay area, the powerful drug that was being cooked up in the heart of silicon valley. >> their name is forever tied to the murder of osama bin laden. why some members of s.e.a.l. team 6 are now being punished. >> and two days removed from record highs, hello, winter. which areas will see snow as soon as tomorrow. it is the kind of hobby you don't want your neighbor dabbling in. mountain view police have discovered a rare and dangerous kind of drug lab right downtown. cbs 5 reporter kim doe shows us however was running it was armed with more than a powerful
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hallucinogen. >> reporter: the drug is called dmt. >> you can snort it, you can injet it, and it's a fast- acting ha louis -- inject it, and it's a fast-acting hallucinogen. >> reporter: it's just blocks from popular restaurants and high-end apartments. agents found the dmt lab in the adjacent building on the floor of the laundry room. >> this is only the third lab in the state, the third dmt lab in the state, and the first one in the bay area, i believe. >> reporter: investigators say the yellow jug has uric acid and a solution from the acea
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tree. >> reporter: they pipe the gas off here, and then they sell it off. >> reporter: dmt is not used much because it's so powerful, about 10 times more powerful than lsd. >> sometimes they're late on the rent, but i didn't see anything illegal or fighting or something crazy going on. >> reporter: neighbors say the suspects were drunk or high around the clock. one woman who didn't want to appear on camera is thrilled they're gone after calling police numerous times. >> i live in a great neighborhood and want everyone to be safe. if you're going to make bad choices, you should have the consequences for those. >> reporter: and there was no finished product on scene. if they had gone through with it, the street value would have been in the tens of thousands of dollars. >> we've done stories on meth
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labs and how dangerous they are because they're explosive. is this the same kind of explosive situation? >> reporter: no, they use a lot of ammonia and acid. it wasn't a danger to the neighborhood per se, but these guys in the laundry room had a natural gas leak, and that's why a a lot of the cops had to smash the windows out to air the building out. they said these guys weren't rocket scientists and weren't doing these in the safest way. you can feel it in the air, see it in the sky today. our warm, sunny days have given way to rain clouds and much colder temperatures tonight. it's feeling a lot more like winter is on the way. we'll when in with paul diano with what's on the horizon. >> tonight will be one of the coldest nights since early
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spring. already, 39. not the low, right now, 3-9d. 49 for valejo, redwood city, 46 opinion here's the deal. we started the week with record highs. today in san hoe say, it was 55, and earlier in the week it was 84. that's a big temperature drop. speaking of drop, a bit of rain in the sky. more rain showers moving in overnight. and we have snow in the see rare. 3 to 7 inches of new snowfall by tomorrow morning. we'll talk about where in the bay area we may see some snow as soon as tomorrow. >> another difficult day in the storm-ravaged northeast. besides the cleanup from sandy, residents are dealing with snow and freezing temperatures. mark strasman is spoking about how they're running out of room for the tons of rubble. >> i've never seen this much of our building damaged before.
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>> reporter: derek munman's waste management service has collected 300 tons of debris since sandy hit. >> it's backed up on the hill and the streets. >> reporter: there are not enough sthaift licensed trucks to haul it all away. some mounds contain potential health hazards. >> there's oil, paint cans, some refrigerators toxic chemicals. >> reporter: and they're sitting in town exposed because there's no permit to take them someplace like this. >> exactly. >> reporter: mayor michael bloomberg announced new gasoline rationing for new york city drivers. they'll have to wait until the weekend for the last of the city's flooded tunnels to reopen. and the winds and snow from yesterday's nor'easter killed power to another 200,000 customers, mostly in new
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jersey. lynn crafton's fiance, billy reid, needs this life- sustaining equipment. they've had to run on generator power since sandy hit. >> who would expect in the united states united states of america that you would be without power and heat for 11 days. >> reporter: they gas up the generator 11 times per day and wait for the power to come back on. >> without this life-sustaining equipment, we would be in the hospital. >> reporter: crafton is lucky to have a roof over her head. other families have lost their homes entirely. mark strasman, cbs muse, del mar, new jersey. >> and our sandy relief
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telethon that we had today raised nearly $135,000 to benefit the red cross. if you'd still like to help out, go to and we're getting a first look at the loot allegedly belonging to a pair of female serial burglars. today, officers showed us some of the stolen stuff they found in the women's car. police believe these women are bind 15 residential burglaries since june. >> to be honest, it was surprising to see the magnitude of the items that were found with and the distance that we believe was traveled to cute these burglaries. checking some headlines now, san francisco police are looking for two women who
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pepper sprayed another woman and took her cell phone. it happened late this afternoon at 19th and harrison. the thieves took off in a white car, and the victim is okay. oakland police have released a composite sketch of a suspect in a kidnapping. the pan is in his 20s with blonde hair and tried to grab a girl walking on 103rd avenue. about 100 retired coast guard members who served in the vietnam war were honored in alameda today. the vets came from all over the world to make sure that their stories of sacrifice were remembered. a huey helicopter was among the memorabilia. the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s
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have been thrust into sudden stardom following the death of osama bin laden. but several s.e.a.l.s are now in trouble over a new video game made in the bay area. >> reporter: they call it medal of honor: warfighter, a video game so life like, that electronic arts consulted with members of s.e.a.l. team six, including one of the men that took down osama bin laden. 7s.e.a.l.s have been repry happened, their pay partially forfeited with for leaking navy secrets to electronic arts. the game does not recreate the bin laden raid, and it's unclear what information the s.e.a.l.s shared. the navy is not discussing the breech, but said the s.e.a.l.s
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have been punished for the misconduct, saying "we do not tolerate misconduct." since the raid that brought down bin laden, the s.e.a.l. team has become a source of intrigue. bun member wrote the book no easy day under a pen name, and some s. eavment l.s participated in filming of a movie with permission. the bin laden raid will also be the subject of the hollywood movie zero dark 30. but it's the unapproved disclosure of information to electronic arts that has 7 s.e.a.l.s facing punishment now. >> reporter: electronic arts has no comment, although their website bust boasts thaw they used active duty commandos to write their game.
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live in redwood city, kristin ayers. looking behind the buzz word. >> the looming fiscal cliff. >> the impending fiscal cliff. >> exactly what could happen when we get to the brink? the consequences that could be facing americans. >> and what parents may be doing to contribute to peanut allergies. >> and the mad dash for shopping goods. how commuters created gridlock on the way to a new bay area outlet mall. ,,
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for congress and the presidt it's a bit of a prediction,
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but within a week, you will be sick of hearing the words "fiscal cliff" being repeated. in reality, it's a deadline for congress and the president coto come up with a deal on the bush- era tax cuts. grace lee takes a look over the edge. >> we won't solve the problem overnight. >> compromise is not a doctoratey word. >> reporter: but as we have seen in the past, compromise is not so easy in congress, since it has done virtually nothing to solve our fiscal cliff problem so far. >> there's something for everyone here to dislike. >> reporter: jim wilcox explains it's a combination of massive tax increases while the government cuts back $100 billion in spending. it is a recipe for the economy and the average californian. >> the average person and almost every one of us will
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notice it very soon, because it will affect how much is taken out of our weekly paychecks, and it will become very apparent very quickly, and it will be painful. >> reporter: the average household could pay an extra $2,000 to $3,000 in taxes. 1200 government programs will be cut. it could increase the unemployment rate to 9%. for other, it could be worse. take a single mother with two kids making $50 grand a year. she'll pay an extra $1,000 for an increase in social security, another $1,000 because child tax breaks will be halved, and another $1,000 because the tax cuts will expire, meaning an extra $3,000.
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>> it will hit us very hard and suddenly unless we're smart enough to fix this. >> reporter: and it's even worse than your money and jobs. the economy could slow even more, and that could mean another painful recession. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. a new study suggests a link swine associate owe economic -- between socioeconomic status and peanut allergies. it is believed that growing up in a clean environment might suppress the immune system. the meaning? a
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"oversanitized lifestyle," their words, could lead to the increase of peanut allergies. people standing in the rain demanded an immediate roll back of tuition. >> we don't need to refund tuition, we need to restructure it. >> the proposition 30 money is not designated for use c funding. -- for uc funding. it's meant to prevent cuts. thses a view from chopper 5 near the newly-opened paragon outlet. gerrianne goodwin says the shopping is still going on. >> reporter: it looks like the day after christmas. all of these shoppers are going strong until 11:00 tonight when
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this outlet finally closes, and all of these people have a story about how they got here they were stuck in traffic. once they got here, they said it was worth it. >> reporter: it was a party at paragon, music, wine, and a festive and jam-packed opening night at the high-end shopping outlet. >> we don't have to go to vacaville anymore. >> reporter: but getting here a different adventure unless you rode your bike. >> i got out of work a half hour early. >> reporter: natalie cohen sat here for an hour and a half. her incentive, a swag bag giveaway. >> they said they had them for 750 people, but they're out. >> reporter: even those who heard there was traffic saw the news reports on the traffic and still decided to come and sit in the traffic. irene williams lives in
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baypoint. >> i had the vip pass for the gift bag. it was like a a 49er game. gr we spotted the -- >> reporter: we spotted the infamous grab bag. >> it's worth waiting in line for the 50 pgd off, even if we're not buy wyoming -- 50% off, even if we're not buying anything. >> reporter: and it was lucrative for shoppers and merchants. >> some made their sales plans by 11:30 this morning. >> reporter: the outlet is open until 11:00 tonight. you bet they will have traffic controls to help ease the congestion over this 4-day opening weekend. >> i think a couple of teenagers at home will want to go, and they're not going.
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let's hope they have scarves at 40 to 50% off, because you'll need them. nappa is at 49, valejo at 50. the only saving grace is the clouds. it will act like blanket and keep much of the bay area above 30. some rain showers toward clear lake. snow showers tomorrow, snow showers for mount st. helena. the tops of those peaks may see some snow mixing in with the rain. a huge counterclockwise swirl in the atmosphere. showers are back tomorrow. slight chance of a a
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thunderstorm. maybe some small hail or ice pellets mixed in with the rain tomorrow. sounds like winter, doesn't it? on and off rainfall tomorrow. and when we clear things out, saturday night and sunday night, widespread 30s. highs tomorrow, 50s, mid 50s. 57 for freemont, hayward, only 55 for you. pleasant hill and concorde, 57 degrees. upper 50s for mill valley and san rafel. on veteran's day, we're dwrieb and then the rain comes back next tuesday and wednesday. a message from a young pakistani activist still recovering after being shot by the taliban. we have that story in 2 minutes.
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today - the deranged gunmans sent to prison for seven consecutive life sentences p the case of the 2011 tucson shooting is officially closed.
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the deranged gunman was sent to prison for 7 consecutive life sentences plus an additional 140 years. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was in the dropple but did not speak. jared loughner has been diagnosed as schizophrenic. he will likely spend the remainder of his life in a prison medical facility. a pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban is thanking people around the world for her support. 15-year-old malala yusufsai is now in england, recovering in the hospital. she's been an outspoken supporter of education for girls, but it also made her a target. her father issued a statement. >> malala is recovering well and wants me to tell you she has been inspired and humbled
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by the thousands of cards, messages, and gifts that she has received. they have helped my daughter's survival and helped her stay strong. >> reporter: her daughters say the teen should receive a recovery. a petition has over 60,000 signatures, saying she could receive the no bell peace prize. -- the nobel peace prize. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate.
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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two players have gone down o injuries... the success of the war your's season depended on their hell. two players have gone down day
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to injuries. andrew boget joined jared rush on the injury list. he had trouble moving around on the surgically repaired aping l. main concern for the warriors is the ankles. logan says he thinks he rushed back from injury too soon. billy bean has been named major league baseball's executive of the year. it's the second time he won the award. despite having the lowest payroll, they made a surprising run to the postseason after many expected them to finish dead last. andrew luck sporting a shaved head in support of his coach chuck people's exhibit agano. they say his cancer is
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remission and could be back by the end of the season and leading the playoffs. >> we'll see you at 11. ,,,,
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we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand.

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